About Us!


About us!

We Are The Pioneers in Unique Sports & Recreation Activities in Singapore, Bringing YOU Yet Another Exhilarating FUN Experience!


After starting Combat Skirmish Singapore 10 years ago, we have brought in many other exciting, adrenaline pumping, and fun-filled activities suitable for both young and old, with a group of friends or with family. With our Land and Water ZOVB together with its smaller counterpart BLOOP! proving to be a huge success, we now bring to you our latest addition to the family, Water Tag.


Water Tag is the latest alternative sport that is brought to you by The Wow Experience. Just like our laser counterparts, the game-play works pretty much the same. Each tagger is fit with a battle vest, water launcher, and a pair of safety goggles. In order to eliminate the opposing team, taggers would have to fire their water launchers at opposing tagger’s battle vests. These vests, fitted with an indicator which rises when by collecting the water that is shot at each individual.


To have a better understanding of the game, head over to our Gallery page and view some pictures of previous Water Tag events that we’ve done!


watertag LogoWater Tag. For instant fun, just add water!

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